The process of hash is constantly evolving and improving. In order to stay up to date with all the new equipment that will help improve the overall success of your practice, Interhashional will be providing access to the latest developments in hash equipment. The nuance of making better hash is such fine margins that we believe it's important to be leaders in seeking out all the innovations within the culture from around the world.  


Thermal Jacketing Systems
Available in any size or shape

This Is A Scientific Fact; When You Use Our Specially Designed And Masterfully Hand-Made Jacketing System You Can Be Sure That Your Precious Liquids Will Stay Colder, Or Warmer, For Longer Periods Of Time.



If you would like to suggest a new product or service that would help improve the work currently being done within the hash industry, then please feel free to let us know! It's our pleasure to see how we can work best together.
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