The original automatic Dry-Sift Machine

The Pollinator Company was founded in 1994 by Mila Jansen.
With the invention and release of the Pollinator®, a device to separate the crystals from leaf material, a new era began.

Making your own high quality trichome separations had never been so easy.

Next to its elegant simplicity, the beauty of this machine lies in the fact that the most suitable plant material is small leaves and/or trim.

For more than two decades enthusiasts and extract artists have been obtaining high quality products from material which had hitherto been considered waste – Trash To Stash!
To borrow from the classics, spinning straw into gold has been our pursuit ever since.

The original water ice trichome separation system!

In 1998 Mila introduced a new product to the market – the Ice-O-Lator® Bag System – pushing the boundaries of resin gland separation.
A chemical-free crystal separation and collection system to make the most of your plant material was born.

The system has since gained international popularity.

Equipped with Ice-O-Lator® bags, you can make your very own premium quality resin gland extract – anywhere, anytime.

Ideal for processing otherwise unusable plant material or for turning your flowers into an amazing product of incomparable purity.

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