Learn More About Hash


One of our greatest missions is to increase both awareness & access to information, specifically with the origins and traditions that go hand in hand with the history of hash. 

We unfortunately face many challenges in attempting to provide engaging content due to the anti-hashish movement on social media platforms. As we have sadly witnessed many times, accounts, posts and relationships are easily deleted and contributions erased with futility.

Despite the challenges we all face together, it only fosters stronger bonds and cohesiveness to fight the stigma currently present. Interhashional is here to stay, no matter what! 

Within the general context around the world, having access to quality products is usually another common issue that many are reduced to living. However, with the emphasis on making your own products, the possibility exists to behold the knowledge for yourself while having the ability and choice to share with those who share similar dilemmas. Don't get caught up on expensive equipment and worrying about the perfect process. The best advice is to start with what you have and the rest will improve over time and with dedication to the craft, this is a guarantee when done right. 

Focusing on solventless processing creates a safer and accessible resin whether hand washing, using coffee filter screens or pressing with a hair straightener. Being resourceful with your starting materials from harvest or from leftovers, is priceless when holding hash that you have made yourself. 

Doing so has a powerful effect on the medicine which reduces the possibility of damage by using impure substances but also in contaminated procedures. We have done our best to assemble resources and content from around the world in order to benefit everyone who would like to become more independent. The information presented here is broken down into 5 different & simple ways to collect trichomes from source. 

If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute any information yourself, please reach out to us via email interhashional@gmail.com or DM our IG page @1nterhashional

Learn, share, grow. We all represent brilliant individual trichomes and we only become hash when we come together. Let's make the world melt.  

Discover more about your favorite style to make, then find the best way to experience the final results in optimal fashion.