This special form of resin can be defined as an extract derived from the buds of living cannabis plants. However, many nuances and particularities exist and depending where you are in the world, may have slightly different methods. 

The most common is to begin with rubbing the buds between your hands, which slowly collects the resin with application of heat and friction. In India, handlers will walk through crops of cannabis plants dressed in leather & as the material rubs up against the fresh, sticky plants, it will collect the oils. Over time, the amount collected can be scraped off and rolled into charas for preservation. 

The traditional method of making charas is time-consuming but worthwhile. With the usual yield of 9 grams a day, you’ll need to put aside some time. 

  • Gently squeeze the flowers between your hands. Do this to all the flowers you have available. You can afford to be more aggressive with the lowers, as they are likely to be less desirable to smoke than the larger, more developed nugs. 

  • Don’t throw away the sticky resin coating your scissors. This is perfectly delicious resin. Scrape it off and roll it into a ball. Don’t stress about the plant material in it; this will just add to the flavor of the end product.